Bento #107 - Glazed Meatballs

Today's Bento:

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Left to Right:
1 - Broccoli & Grape Tomato
2 - Onigiri (cylinders) Wrapped in Turkey Lunch Meat and an Egg Sheet
3 - Meatballs glazed with an spicy orange & ginger sauce 
4 - Baby Patty Pan Squash, sauteed
5 - Carrots

WW Flex Points = 7

The glaze I used to coat the meatballs is one I use frequently, it's very versatile and holds up equally as well on beef as it does on hearty fish (like salmon), poultry and pork.  It is the same glaze I used in Bento #40.  I've repeated the recipe here for your convenience.
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Bento #105 - Scotch Egg (Sorta)

Today's bento is a little sparse, I have to hit the grocery store today.  Here it is:

Left to Right:
1 - Refrigerator Pickles
2 - Scotch Eggs
3 - Broccoli
4 - Cous Cous

I'd been wanting to try Scotch eggs, but didn't want to bread & deep fry them, so these are my "faux" Scotch eggs.  Lean turkey sausage wrapped around quail eggs and baked.  The sample batch was very tasty, hopefully they will be good at room temperature too.

WW Flex Points = 4


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Bento #103 - Halloween Fun

I'm going to school today for my son's Halloween costume parade/class party.  I thought I'd go early and have lunch with him, so I made a fun Halloween bento to take to school.  Here it is:

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Clockwise from Upper Left:
1 - Cheese Ball
2 - Skull & Bone Crackers
3 - Quail Egg Skulls
4 - Salad (under everything)
5 - Rice
6 - Nori/Lunchmeat/Carrot/Cheese Witch

WW Flex Points = 5

Bento #102 - Werewolf

My son asked to be a werewolf for Halloween this year, finally a non-movie/television costume!  I was so happy when he said werewolf. Collapse )

Here is a bento inspired by his costume.  (And, if your wondering, the "background" that the bento is sitting on is the shirt part of his costume.):

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Top to Bottom:
1 - Black Rice
2 - Curry Spiced Pulled Pork (under rice)
3 - Egg White Stars/Egg Yolk Moon/Nori Wolf
4 - Broccoli Trees
5 - Spinach (under broccoli)

WW Flex Points = 5