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Bento #86 - Thinking of Spring

Here is today's bento, inspired by spring:

1 - Rice Lamb decorated with Turkey Lunch Meat face, Krab cheeks, Nori eyes & mouth, Fish sausage ears
2 - Lettuce divider
3 - One egg made into two pom-pon flowers
4 - One hot dog made into three flowers (pea centers in two)
5 - Steamed Broccoli
6 - Spinach sauteed with Garlic
7 - Breaded Okra
8 - Carrot & Red Pepper flowers, Noodle Clovers

WW Flex Points = 5.5


Oh my... Can something this cute still be eligible for the title of «food-porn»? =)
It's both amazing and a pity that your works get eaten. I'm sure they're delicious, but they're so pretty I guess one would have to be starving to have the heart to "destroy" them.